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    GP Sydney 2017 is happening in June, and to help you own the Team Sealed format, we're offering a discount and free pickup to teams who want to create a playmat to promote their terrible wonderfully creative choice of team name and/or logo!

    Get 15% off Custom Playmats, and free pickup at GP Sydney

    To be eligible for the special offer, you simply need to purchase three custom playmats in the one order, all of which need to have the same artwork, or be themed around your team name or logo. Then, just use the discount code GPSYD2017 at the checkout to receive 15% off the playmat prices.

    In addition, you'll see two free shipping options. GP Sydney Friday, and GP Sydney Saturday. Select either of these options and we'll have your playmats ready to collect as soon as doors open on those days. Sadly we don't have an official vendor booth, but one of our representatives will be there to hand you your playmats in person.

    If you've got any questions about how to format art for your playmats, please check out our Custom Playmat Instructions page for more info. We're happy to field questions via email and Facebook also.